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Young Entrepreneurship Scheme

All final year LSC MBA students and MBA alumni are encouraged to consider entering a yearly competition to win an investment of upto £25,000 in a new business scheme. This should be a real business opportunity and a carefully planned future operation. The winner can then use the investment in a practical business operation in their home country.

Further to the prize money, the entry itself is a huge opportunity for the development of business practices. Each student must enter by submitting a detailed 5 year Business Plan - incorporating market research, time scales (including financial projections for three years), costs, work force, marketing plans, risks (including future problems), future potential and operational details - for a start up enterprise of their own choosing. This can be in any business field - engineering, IT, hospitality, retail, medical, service, etc.

Entrants can work as an individual, in pairs, or as part of a small group. The prize winner is presented the award at an awards ceremony. Along with the cash prize for the investment, the winners also have a significant award on their CV.

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