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Residential Training

Students are invited to attend a management training workshop in the final semester of the BA (Business Studies) programme. A formal corporate enviornment is simulated in the workshop.

The workshop is a great incentive for the students as it represents a realistic career goal for students once they have completed their LSC degree course.

Students are divided into groups and are coached in skills such as team work, creativity, corporate presentations, time management, leadership, problem solving and negotiation. These events present students a more practical approach to learning very different from the methodology adopted in a classroom environment. In addition, the programme provides them with an opportunity to expand their social and life skills, bond with other students and make new friends.

All students participating in these interactive workshops will have the chance to acquire leadership skills, make investment decisions, hone their time management, negotiating techniques and develop greater business acumen. In short, the management training workshop is not to be missed and an event that is guaranteed to leave an indelible mark in the minds of the students. Student feedback from these events is consistently and overwhelmingly positive.

Quality Assurance Agency : Higher Education Review - October 2016

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