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Foundation Year For UK and EU Students

This course is designed for mature students re-entering education, to develop the skills and knowledge required for progression on to a University of Bedfordshire Undergraduate course.

The Foundation Year provides an opportunity to build your academic writing skills and numeracy and you will also cover a range of specific content to fully prepare you for entry to your Undergraduate degree.

The Foundation Year is not a separate programme, but is fully integrated as the first year of a four-year degree. You will need to successfully complete the Foundation Year to progress on to the first year of your Bachelor’s degree.

Please note that this programme is specifically designed for students returning to learning and aged 21 years or more.

About University of Bedfordshire

The University of Bedfordshire is a modern, innovative university with a heritage of top quality education going back more than 100 years.

The University has its London Study Centre based at Chaucer House, which is its London Bridge campus. The University offers courses belonging to the Bedfordshire Business School at this campus.

We nurture our students to become educated, employable and entrepreneurial global citizens.

We support our students in all aspects of their life and encourage them to influence the education and services we provide.

  1. Superb facilities across all our subject areas
  2. Study skills development
  3. Career and job-seeking guidance
  4. Volunteer and work experience
  5. Health and wellbeing services
  6. Modern accommodation
  7. Personal tutors

Course Plan:


1 Year

Course Structure

Year 1 – Business Management Foundation – all units are core:

  1. A Student’s Guide to Being Curious and Competent – 30 credit
  2. Aspiring to Succeed – 30 credit
  3. Developing a Business Radar – 30 credit
  4. Credibility and Your Professional Future – 30 credit

Year 1 – Health and Social Care Foundation – all units are core:

  1. Contemporary Social Issues – 30 credit
  2. Examining Research (Psychology and Applied Social Sciences – 30 credit
  3. Skill Development in the Social Sciences – 30 credit
  4. Understanding Individuals and Society – 30 credit

For further information on this full-time course, including on entry requirements and assessment, please click here

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