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Welcome to LSC Research and Innovation Centre

The LSC Research & Innovation Centre is designed to be an international centre, a research-focused arm of the London School of Commerce which draws on our global research expertise and academic learning resources from within and beyond the LSC group.


The LSC RIC aims to encourage and support young academics and Doctoral candidates who are engaged in research, principally in the fields of strategic management; technology & innovation; entrepreneurship; marketing and competitiveness; leadership; organisational learning and knowledge management; international & cross-cultural management; public sector management; and, emerging economies.

Academic Management

The LSC RIC is led by Prof Don Harper, Director of LSC RIC with the support of the LSC colleagues across its Global campuses, consisting of senior academic members from the LSC Group.

LSC RIC Committee Members

  1. Prof Don Harper, Director of LSC RIC
  2. Dr Lucy Lu, Provost of LSC
  3. Dr Uma Mohan, Senior Programme Leader
  4. Prof Eleri Jones, Doctorate Supervision Coordinator
  5. Dr Rajendar Kumar, Programme Leader
  6. Dr Sheku Fofanah, Research Administrator
  7. Dr Robertm Suban, Principal, LSC Malta
  8. Apsara Hewage, Head of Academics, BSC Colombo, Sri Lanka
  9. Baldev Singh, Principal, LSC WIC, Kula Lumper, Malaysia

Doctorate Programmes

The LSC RIC is currently running Doctoral programmes in collaboration with its University partners, with more than 500 doctoral students studying PhD or DBA programmes.

LSC Research and Innovation Centre Associate Members

The membership of LSC’s R&I Centre includes research active staff from within the LSC Group, supported by visiting professors, visiting research fellows and doctoral students who are currently studying with LSC. The visiting professors and visiting fellows are from well-known institutions in the UK and overseas, and have recently included academics from LSE; Henley-Reading Business School, Reading University; Middlesex University; University of Westminster; University of Agder, Norway; Agricultural University of Saudi Arabia; University of Athens; Tsinghua University, P.R.China; and, Sias International University, China.  

The visiting professors and visiting research fellows have published widely in refereed journals and have supervised many PhD students through to completion, and also contribute to the Research Centre through: their supervision of PhD students; their contribution to monthly research seminars; serving as internal examiners for viva voce; and, through the application of their expertise to encourage joint publication with PhD students. The success of the PhD programme run in conjunction with University partners is evidenced by the fact that over 130 journal contributions and conference papers have been produced by the students since the establishment of the Research Centre.

LSC Research Seminars

LSC RIC runs regular research seminars (typically once per month) which are led by research clusters. All doctoral students are encouraged to participate in the seminars to present their research projects and discuss their research ideas with peers as well as academics.

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