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Q. What is the average cost of living in London as an International student?

A. London is a reasonably priced city offering good quality affordable living and abundant accommodation. Students will need of £800 - £1000 a month to cover living expenses. This includes accommodation, food and transportation. This may vary depending on your budget for rent, food, transport and leisure activities.

Q. Are Student Visas difficult to obtain?

A. No. If you satisfy the Tier 4 Entry Requirements, have sufficient funds to cover the cost of study and living expenses and are able to demonstrate your bonafide student status, you should have no difficulty in obtaining a student visa.

Q. Can I give the fee deposit draft to the School Representative?

A. Normally students are required to pay a deposit prior to enrolment. Your offer letter will mention the details as regards to the payment of this deposit. Fee deposits should be paid by way of Banker's Draft made payable to the 'London School of Commerce'.

Q. Can I defer or change my course after my arrival in London?

A. Students will not be allowed to defer or change the course in London, after an offer letter and CAS letter have been issued by the London School of Commerce.

All prospective students will be provided with a dedicated Marketing Officer to guide and advise then, through the application, admission and student visa process. These Marketing Officers are generally LSC international Alumni and will be familiar with each student's aspirations and cultural and academic backgrounds.

These Officers are easily contactable and many are based our at international marketing offices (in over forty different countries.)

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