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BA (Hons) Business Studies with Foundation yearFor UK and EU Students

Get the skills you need to become a confident business manager. Our course offers an alternative route to higher education and will build your knowledge from day one.

Good business management is at the centre of every successful organisation. Our Business Management with Foundation Year course has a strong practical element, and allows you to build your knowledge and understanding of organisations and how they are managed. A foundation year helps you develop the study skills and self-confidence needed for higher education when you don’t reach the entry requirements for your subject or you need a grounding in a new subject area.

At Level 4, the first year of the BA degree programme, you will study basic principles and key concepts associated with the business and management discipline and subject areas. You will be introduced the core areas of marketing, the management of information and decision making, statistical techniques, and organisational behaviour as well as the introduction of business environment. Personal and professional development skills will also be introduced to prepare students to acquire the key transferable skills which are required by the business professional operating in contemporary environments.

The second year of the BA degree programme, you will build on the sound knowledge gained at level 4 and support the advancement of the students’ knowledge of the corporate and specific subject area frameworks within which business operates. You will be able to extend their knowledge and critical understanding of the range of disciplines associated with contemporary management in human resource systems, accounting, digital business, entrepreneurship and international business. You will also develop their business research skills by undertaking the research methodology module and this will prepare them for the final stage major project.

During the final year of the BA programme, you will continue developing the complex body of knowledge and critical understanding by focusing on the strategic aspect of management and organizations. Modules in strategic management, building a sustainable organization, contemporary management issues in the 21st century, and the integrated case study analysis develop students’ knowledge and reflection across different aspects of business and develops their appreciation of the strategic dimensions and opportunities offered within business organisations. These modules also provide a supporting framework for the development of the Dissertation Project or Business Project which each student completes individually. The option of completing either a Dissertation Project or a Business Project enables you to build on their previous learning and also to focus on a particular emphasis of direction in their project. This may encompass particular aspects of theoretical or business practice and offers the opportunity to focus on individual career and professional development opportunities.

Course Plan:


4 Years


To be admitted to the BA (Hons) Business Studies with Foundation Programme (4 years) delivered in London, students need to;

  1. Have 5 passes at GCSE or NARIC confirmed equivalent. No formal proof of English required for UK nationals and qualifying EU applicants as defined by the Canterbury Christ Church University.
  2. All applicants are assessed by LSC admission team via interview for listening,speaking and reading and for writing via a personal statement. Performance at CEFR Level B2 is required for students whose first language is not English. This includes those who are recently naturalised UK nationals. Admission to the course is subject to final approval by the Canterbury Christ Church University.

Non Standard Entry

LSC welcomes applications from all those interested in furthering their education. If applicants do not meet the standard entry requirements but can demonstrate that their life/work skills would make them suitable for undergraduate study, they will be considered.

The admissions procedure will include a careful scrutiny of their application forms for evidence of:

  1. Relevant work experience of a substantial nature and duration
  2. Ability to pass examinations, which will be considered on merit
  3. An independent business reference
  4. An assurance that the applicant has a reasonable command of English at CEFR Level B2.

Course Structure

Level 0 - Year 1

  1. Business Communication
  2. Context of Business
  3. Introduction to Information Technology
  4. Integrated Professional Skills in the Digital Age
  5. Numeracy and Data Analysis
  6. Study Skills for Higher Education

Level 4 - Year 2

  1. Business Decision Making
  2. Business Law and Ethics
  3. Contemporary Business Environment
  4. Marketing Management
  5. Organisational Theory and Practice
  6. Personal and Professional Development

Level 5 - Year 3

  1. Accounting for Business
  2. Digital Business
  3. Entrepreneurship and Business Development
  4. Human Resource Management
  5. International Business
  6. Research Methodologies

Level 6 - Year 4

  1. Building A Sustainable Organisation
  2. Contemporary Management Issues
  3. Case Study Analysis
  4. Global Strategic Management
  5. Dissertation or Business Project
  6. Business Project

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