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Sponsor Status

The United Kingdom Visas and Immigration has awarded the LSC Group of Colleges Tier 4 - Sponsor status.

Applying for entry to the UK on a Student Visa can be challenging, with all applicants having to comply with strict regulations and also having to ensure that their documents are suitable to meet a scrutiny by the UK Visas and Immigration, before a student visa is granted. The London School of Commerce (LSC) has been awarded the Tier 4 – Sponsor Status.

Our Sponsor means all prospective LSC students will find it easier to successfully apply for a visa to study at LSC in London.

We are recognised by the UK Government as one of the most reliable and trusted Higher Education Institutions in Britain – this explains why we have over 4,000 students, from over 120 different countries, studying at our campuses in London. In fact, we were one of the first educational institutions to gain Sponsor Status.

At LSC we are proud of our reputation for delivering excellent standards of education, quality lectures and a high level of student success. Our record of graduate satisfaction, coupled with our teaching standards, has led to very high levels of student attainment; we are officially recognised as a highly suitable destination for students from around the world.

LSC Biometrics System

In addition, LSC has an innovative 'student attendance Biometrics system'. One of the first Colleges in the UK to adopt the system, the London School of Commerce actively tracks student attendance. This means that, as one requirement of studying in the UK is the compulsory attendance of lectures, you will be reassured that the UKVI are very satisfied with our student administration function. The benefit of this system for the student is that there is an accurate record of your attendance at the college, making it easier for us to assist you to provide proof, if required, of the validity and integrity of your period of studies in London.

Our official UK Government status, and the administrative systems operated by the LSC group, mean that you can have confidence in the whole application phase – and the integrity of the UK study experience with LSC in London.

For more information on how the London School of Commerce UKVI Tier 4 rating affects your visa application click here.

Quality Assurance Agency : Higher Education Review - October 2016

Action Plan - March 2017