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London School of Commerce

University of Suffolk

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) Business Studies [accelerated degree]

Students will gain a foundation in the core aspects of business. There is a strong emphasis on the practical application of theory, through the use of case studies, problem solving tasks, as well as project and group work. Students will develop a broad knowledge of business operations as well as gain targeted skills. The programme will equip students with many valuable transferable skills, which will be valued by employers across the business sector or any alternative career path, such as setting up a new business.

Teaching and learning is achieved through a combination of lectures, tutorials, workshops, group discussions, presentations and assignments. All lectures are conducted at our London campus located at London Bridge. Students will receive full guidance and support throughout their course, ensuring they achieve the best possible learning experience in preparation for a successful career.

A typical business graduate of the programme will gain:

  1. A wide knowledge and understanding of the broad range of areas of business and management, within an integrated framework.
  2. Consistently demonstrate a command of subject-specific skills including application of knowledge, as well as proficiency in intellectual skills.
  3. A view of business and management which is influenced by a variety of learning sources including guided learning, team work and independent study.
  4. Be distinguished by their enhanced capacity to develop and apply their own perspectives to their studies, to deal with uncertainty and complexity, to explore alternative solutions, to demonstrate critical evaluation and to integrate theory and practice in a wide range of situations.

Key Benefits

  1. Versatility and Mobility: Whether you dream of starting your own business, working as a professional or pursuing an MBA, a business degree will give you many opportunities. You will graduate with a diverse set of skills which are transferable to many fields and companies, which will offer you a wide variety of career choices.

  2. Critical Thinking: Business students will be given the essential tools for advanced critical thinking, creating a platform for successful participation in the various elements of managing a business. This could also include managing a non-profit organisation.

  3. Employer Recognition: Today’s job market is highly dynamic and extremely competitive, but business degrees are highly sought after as they offer many valued skills that increase employability, as well as providing you with appropriate subject knowledge.

  4. Study in London: Located in a prime position in London, a minute’s walk from the iconic Shard and London Bridge Station. London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, a melting pot of 270 nationalities conversing in 324 languages.

  5. Networking Opportunities: Join our LSC alumni network of over 30,000 students from over 120 different countries. Stay connected with us and with each other, providing opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals.

Course Plan:


2 Years

Course Fee

£ 15,950


  1. 112 UCAS tariff points or equivalent qualifications
  2. Should be at least 18 years old
  3. Mature students (above 21 years) with relevant work experience and/ or a professional qualification(s)
  4. IELTS 6.0 with a minimum 5.5 in all four components or equivalent English Language qualification

Course Structure

Level 4

  1. Contemporary Business Environment
  2. Business Decision Making
  3. Marketing Management
  4. Personal and Professional Development
  5. Organisational Theory and Practice
  6. Business Law and Ethics

Level 5

  1. Human Resource Management
  2. Accounting for Business
  3. Digital Business
  4. International Business
  5. Research Methodologies
  6. Entrepreneurship and Business Development

Level 6

  1. Global Strategic Management
  2. Building A Sustainable Organisation
  3. Case Study Analysis
  4. Contemporary Management Issues
  5. Dissertation or Business Project

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